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“Phuket” slightly distorts from Melayu language as “Bukit” which means to the mountain. Phuket was firstly found in Sukhothai era. In the past, the capital of Phuket is located at Thalang. Thai nobleman is guardian all benefits because Hollander came to Phuket to bought mineral products. After that in era of Rama I, in 1785 Phra Chao Krung Angwa invaded provinces around the west coast of Thailand by divided armies to fight at Muang Kra, Ranong, Chumporn, Chaiya included Nakhonsrithammarat. At that time an army of Bangkok was engaged in a battle at Kanchanaburi so they could not help. Burmese sent an army leader “Sue Yee Wun” to fight by warship army battled until Burmese occupied Takuatung, Takuapa. Cantonment of Thai soldiers moved to Thalang. Until Phra Ya Thalang passed away and there was no a governor. A Thalang governor’s wife named “Jun” and her sister name “Muk” considered with a committee to build army into two big parts to protect a city and Burmese embraced for one month when they had no victual, they retreated to their country.
In the reign of King Rama I, the king gave insignia to both “Jun” and “Muk” as Thaothepkasattri and Thaosrisoonthorn. People are proud in the two heroines until on this day. Thalang Island or Muang Thalang has changed the name to Phuket Island or Phuket City in the reign of King Rama

Phuket or Pearl of Andaman is a famous tourist destination among people all over the world in the fascinating nature and white sand beaches included convenient transportation. Phuket is the largest island of Thailand and also be one of southern provinces. Occupied totally 543 sqm on the west coast of Thailand amidst the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean. The longest part of Phuket Island from the north to the south is 48.7 kms and the widest from the east to the west is 21.3 kms. Phuket is divided into 3 districts are Muang, Thalang and Kathu.

The climate in Phuket is tropical rainy forest, windy and warm weather. There are 2 seasons are Sunny and Rainy as well a rainy season will be in May – November and sunny season is in December – April. From November – April is suitable for visiting

Connect with Phang Nga by Sarasin Bridge and Thaothepkasattri Bridge
Connect with Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean
Connect with the sea in Phang Nga
Connect with Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean