Travel by Boat with Phuket Cruise



Travel by Boat

Thailand consists of two coasts which are the Gulf of Thailand and another one is Andaman Sea as well as both of them is fascinating in the different style of a picturesque. Here, we will talk to a sphere of Andaman Sea only. Because Phuket Island is located on Andaman Sea side and tourists can come to visit this area all year round (the best time begins from July – May). This period is known as non - monsoon season and suitable to discover archipelagos nearby also. We are mostly use boat to visit. This can create the finest atmosphere while featuring a comfort on traveling. Select a boat for your trip as information below

  1. Travel by Boat
    To explore archipelagos by cruise is a comfortable and safety transportation because of the Andaman Sea connects with an ocean and the sea breeze or waves are a little bit changed up to the surrounding weather. The transportation on the sea around Phuket Island is a quite big boat (cruise). Most of them are two floors inside and can accept the passengers over 200 seats.

  2. Facilities & Service Area
    • Because of a large size of a boat, the service area easily to find and comfortable. By the way, the passenger can feel an absolute relaxation at your private space on a big boat.
    • At the passenger room decorated with air-conditioning
    • Snacks and beverages are provided at the counter service
    • Toilets divided into Male and Female. (Mostly are located at the end or the end lower floor).
    • On the upper floor or deck provide a panoramic landscape. Foreigners like to soak up the sunbathing here.

    Caution on travel by Cruise
    • While a cruise is parking or departing from a pier, should not stand at the side of a cruise. Because a cruise can crash on something and you can fall down in the sea.
    • While a cruise is sailing, be careful when you are the outside of the cruise and should not sail without holding anything. Especially in amidst the small wave, the cruise has to sail through it that can make your cruise sink down into the sea.

    • In case of you are on a deck, be careful of things or your garment particularly hat / cap that easily to blow because of the strong wind.
    • If you are seasick, take a medicine 30 minutes before a traveling.

    • If seasickness happened on a cruise, quickly find the seat at the end of the lowest floor or the middle position (Don’t sit at the head of a cruise and a deck because this area is the most ramshackle point of the cruise). The lowest floor is the most still of the cruise on the sea.

    • If you have to transfer from a cruise to a small boat to get on the seashore, don’t be hurry. Should wait for the two boats parked and then slowly step to a boat.

    • While transferring, must be careful your step.

  3. Travel by Speed Boat
    Speed boat is the most one popular of transportation to visit the archipelagos that quite differ from a cruise. Speed boat for traveling in Andaman side, usually orlop deck designed in V shape but the speed boat in the Gulf of Thailand always to counter waves at any level. Andaman speed boat is a one floor boat, canvas roof, 2 engines powered, and capability 20-23 passengers (the latest speed boat designed in 3 engines powered with capability up to 30-35 passengers.) In the future, the speed boat will be developed to 4 engines powered.

  4. Caution on travel by Speed Boat
    • Should not walk while the speed boat is sailing.

    • Should sit equally on each side of the seat to make well - balance on a speed boat.

    • Should sit in straight and move body by the sea condition.

    • Should not bend down to pick up things while the speed boat is sailing.

    • Should not avoid the seat at the head or the end of a boat because an engine has to touch the sea all the time.

    • Should wear life jacket while you are on a boat.

    • Should drink all beverages with straw because you can get a danger from a bottle.

    Advantages of Speed Boat
    • Reach the destination faster than other vehicle

    • Speed boat is a medium size with not too much passengers and can keep eyes on every passenger.

    • Reach the destination without transfer boat and can sail backward to park at the beach.

    • Speed boat is suitable for the tourist who favors in a fascinating nature and on the speed boat is airy.

    Disadvantages of Speed Boat
    • Speed boat is not suitable for the weather condition as strong wind or big wave

    • Toilet on speed boat is inconvenient because of a small size and narrow space

    • While sailing, speed boat will touch the sea along the route so it is not suitable for aged or infant passengers.

    • Not suitable for a long destination