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Scuba or Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is an easy way to explore into the deep water as same as we are fishes. High technology can help us to breathe underwater and learn in a way of safety scuba while you can touch the unseen underworld water, marine lives and colorful coral reefs.

Scuba diver must pass a diving learning curriculum and graduated on diving certification. If anyone didn’t pass training, you can get danger from a wrong scuba diving. For all certificated scuba diving, should not dive alone. The world safety diving law holds “Buddy System” or partner for your help while you are diving. Moreover, most of scuba dive sites must reach by the boat and professional divemaster will guide you to the dive destination. Interested person should contact with diving company to reservation in group and can rely on more convenient and safety.

Necessary equipments for scuba diving

  1. Scuba Tankthe most important equipment for scuba diving. Use for collect air to breathe while a diver is diving under the water. Scuba tank offers in different sizes but a standard size is 11.5 liters. One scuba tank can use for long 40-50 minutes. In case of dive in shallow water, air in a scuba tank is the air surrounded us.

  2. Scuba Regulator a set of equipment to adjust the pressure and breathe circuits from a scuba tank and uses a scuba regulator to attach. Air in the scuba tank is higher pressure than the generally pressure about 200 multiple. If we open to release oxygen to a face directly, pressure will push the eye socket. So if we want to check which scuba tank contains oxygen, must not turn oxygen way to other side that is not your face. Scuba regulator will reduce the high pressure from scuba tank to a suitable level for breathing. Scuba regulator always connects with breathe circuits.

  3. Wet Suit providing in various designs both of wet suit and dry suit. Diver will wet when he go up from the sea and a dry suit is use when dive in the coldest scuba dive site only.

    Advantages of the wet suit help to adjust body temperature when a diver dives in the deep water that means a temperature will be lower and lower. Wet suit is an insulator as smooth sponge stick and thick with 2-3 mm. uses to protect the heater from a body don’t transfer to the weight too much and helps a diver doesn’t tremble from cold temperature under the deep water.

    Wet suit offers both long trousers – long sleeves and short trousers – short sleeves. Wet suit can make a diver floats in the water and protect skin’s diver when touches dangerous plants or marine lives.

  4. Fin helps for a comfortable diving. Some fins are as same as frog foot but the latest will design to whale’s tail because it will powered a diver to be more faster. Fin features in various designs but there are two main types are Full Foot wears as shoes and cheaper. Another one is Open Hill designs to open heel and have to wear shoes before. The second type is easier than the first one but more expensive and heavy

  5. Scuba Belt generally human will not sink because the lung has function as balloon in body. If a diver wears wet suit, be more comfortable. Although a diver bears scuba tank on his back, he will not sink. So a diver has to bring a heavy thing to load to dive into the under water. Most of scuba belt made from lead

  6. Scuba Mask use to protect seawater flow into eyes and helps for a better vision under water. Different scuba mask but some types can change lens. Sometimes a diver probably sticks snorkel with a scuba mask for breathing when diving at sea surface as well as to save oxygen in scuba tank which will use under the deep level.

    Besides all above necessary equipments, there are others such as BCD, underwater torch, dive knife, etc. Your instructor will introduce diving equipments with directions to you when you are learning for scuba diving. Scuba diving cannot train by yourself but should ask for more information at diving company.

Scuba Tank Scuba Regulator Wet Suit Scuba Fin Scuba Belt Scuba Mask

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