Snorkeling Phuket Cruise




Snorkeling consists of mask and breathing pipe (snorkel) and helps a diver to explore a fascinating under world water. A diver must wear a life jacket because it supports to float in the water. It called “Skin Diving” or “Snorkeling”. Fins will make you to the better swimming.

Snorkeling equipments and instruction
  1. Mask protect eyes from water during diving in the sea. Clean the mask to have a better vision under the sea. Mask will be blurred or water can get into a mask when a diver is wearing. Solve this problem by stop your diving and take off a mask for cleaning.

  2. Snorkel a diver must to hold it in the mouth and uses it to breathe under the water to explore the beautiful underworld water. A tips of snorkel will appear on surface water. A diver breathes in pure air to use and doesn’t turn over a face from surface water.

  3. Life jacket equipment for safety diving and really important for who cannot swim. Disadvantage of life jacket is a diver cannot dive into a deep level. Life jacket helps you to comfortable snorkeling. However, a diver should wear life jacket for the safety diving.

Danger during snorkeling

Don’t dive alone included snorkeling or scuba, must to bring someone as buddy. Used to have a diver dived just only at 2 meters but a strong current and flowed him out of the sea, then has to bring a boat to rescue. Please dive on time at dive site that an instructor schedule.
    • Scuba diving must behave by rules strictly and also holds a diving card. If you confronted with an emergency situation, must to call for help and don’t swim frighteningly.
    • Choose for the best time to suit for diving. Avoid diving in monsoon season or strong water current and consider in safety firstly.
    • If you faced with strong water current, don’t swim against the water current because it easy tired. Float along the water current until a boat receives you.
    • Always count your friends after diving, don’t dive alone.
    • Every marine life doesn’t want to harm a diver. Avoid them but don’t be afraid of them and swim away.