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Life jacket

Life jacket Equipment for safety when you are diving and really for who cannot swim should wear this to float in the water. Disadvantage of life jacket is a diver cannot dive into a deep level. Life jacket helps you to comfortable snorkeling. However, a diver should wear life jacket for the safety diving.

Suggestion for life jacket
  • Should bury fitting body life jacket
  • Try to pull up a life jacket as you are sinking into the water and sees life jacket pulls which parts of your body up.
  • Check the lock and every part of life jacket carefully
  • Foam: the price is lower than half of the other such as a same size or same designed that means to foam can be short water resistant. Life jacket should be long water resistant. Test a quality of life jacket by use foam of life jacket to bond with something and pull. Leave foam in the water, sees which is level that foam floating?
  • Sew and attached every belt with jacket
  • Outer jacket can be any colors but inside should be in deep color to avoid stain of sun burn cream.
  • If there is leg belt, should not attach with a rim of jacket.
  • Leg belt should not attach with a rim of jacket because it can pull jacket while you are jumping into the water.

Maintenance life jacket
  • Don’t use life jacket to be shockproof that can make foam of jacket is damaged and loss balancing.
  • Clean life jacket every time after diving especially salt water from the sea by wash with fresh water and dry then keep it to avoid the sun light. Because the sun light can damage life jacket.
  • If a life jacket is stained with oil or any dirt, clean up with dish detergent and toothpaste.