Snorkeling Mask Phuket Cruise




Mask is equivalent important equipment for diving. Both scuba diving and snorkeling can use it to sees an underworld water and colorful coral reefs.

Choose a mask on your style and suit for your diving for long diving. Learn more about parts of mask and functions as below.

Mask lens
Most of mask lens are tempered glass which consists of one lens and two sides lens. The first one is better than the second. Some masks designed to change lens for myopia and presbyopia.

Sided lens
It is not only front lens but the mask creates sided lens to give you a wide vision under the water. This sided lens is not popular among divers.

Mask frame
Shape of mask frame gives effect on your vision under the sea. As Saekodive Wide Vision or Technisub Mythos increases a length at the lower and can see more at the lower side.

The thickness of mask frame designs your vision under the water. “Low profile” can see wider angle.

The thickness of a mask gives impact to air capacity in mask. More thin frame can make to a low volume condition but easier to clear a mask when the water get into a mask.

Choose a mask on your face size because if it too much thin, it can press on your nose and cheekbone.

Rubber frame
Made from silicone which is qualified of strength, soft silicone, non-irritate skin and don’t let the air get into a mask.

Nose frame
Silicone nose frame must choose with carefully that can pinch a nose to stop a problem with ears although there is no a problem as this case.

Instruction for eye problem
  1. To change lens is the best way with a bit flexible but you have to pay a lot of money. If your friend wants to use your mask, you can change lens on the mask.

  2. Added lens by an expert eyeglass shop, added lens is similar to general lens but it is different. One side is flat to connect with the mask by quality glue. Added lens is cheaper than to change lens 50%. Lens for this mask can reduce air capacity in a mask as same as low profile mask.

  3. Contact lens is medium price in all these three instructions (suitable for a short diving period). With the high flexible but the lens can be off away, if a mask lets water in. Many divers choose this way for easy diving. And you can try daily contact lens first.