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SnorkelMost of them are made from tough flexible plastic, strength. Some designed by rolling rope. Snorkel features 2 types as made from rubber and silicone. Absolutely, silicone is smoother and more expensive than the rubber. Mostly are silicone and divers normally use.

Attached mask
This point is very important because using the low quality materials can make a mask is broken. You waste money on small spare parts. If a diver faced strong water current and attached mask is too flexible, a mask might float away by a strong current.
For both scuba diving and snorkeling, snorkel is very important equipment in diving. At present, snorkel is designed by special component and more useful for diving such as…

One way valve
A valve to release water while it appears on surface water. After the diving or when the water splashes in a snorkel during a diver is diving at surface water. One way valve used by blow air in the mouth and release away. Water in a snorkel will flow out of a snorkel that can help you continually breathe. This is faster than you remove a snorkel and pour away at the tip of a snorkel especially for snorkeling and free diving. Many manufacturers create valve in a various designs included vertical valve, angle valve and other.

Corrugate snorkel
This is an original version of snorkel which can bend but cannot be flexible and pains to a diver’s mouth and teeth. So a corrugate snorkel redesigned to be 2 sections, connect with silicone joint that can be flexible, conform to bulging cheek of a diver. The new design is better than the old and the price is not expensive.

The tip of snorkel
Generally at the tip of snorkel is just only a snorkel to allow the air get in and release away. But an inventor modifies the tip of snorkel to more useful by added 2 pieces of small valve. Put them aslant in a snorkel to prevent small rubbish and decrease water to get into a snorkel (semi-dry) or another one is full-dry which designed to almost close at the tip of snorkel but it has a small hole to allow the air.