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Islands around Phuket

Islands around Phuket
Cruising through Andaman, Relaxation’s Paradise

Hae Island
Located on the southwest of Panwa Cape, is under the contrl of Department of Fisheries. The island is able to reach by long-tail boat or speed boat from either Rawai beach or Chalong Bay or as easy as buying package tour. There are two beaches on the north and the east coast. The island is famous for pristine sandy beaches and healthy coral reefs, so the island is also called ‘Coral Island’. Perfect for those who love diving whilst there are various choices of accommodation and restaurant provide.

Khai Island
Is a small island, setting just a bit far from Phuket Island, possesses white sand beaches around the island. It’s another island ideal for swimming and diving. There’s no accommodation on the island.

Kaew Pidsadarn Island
Another small island on the south of Promtape Cape, 3 km apart from Rawai Beach, takes 15 minutes approximately by boat, houses a temple and Buddha’s footprint imitation.

Yao Island
Setting in Phang-Nga Province area but easier to travel from Phuket. The island have long swimming beach. The islanders is fishermen community, provides Home-stay style accommodation.

Bon Island
Situated on the south of Phuket Island, the beach is white and clear, proper fro swimming. The island is easily accessible by boat as one day trip from Laem Ka Beach within 10 minutes. No accommodation offers.

Lohn Island
It’s a large island of the west coast near Chalong Bay, locates just 20 minutes reached by boat. The villagers’ profession is mostly fishery. Giving a sense of tranquility being here. There’s accommodation for those who wan to stay overnight.

Mai Thon Island
Another small and serene island located on the southeast of Phuket. Very famous for fishing site. There’s accommodations offer.

Maprao Island
Or Coconut Island in another name. The island is setting on the east of Phuket and able to reach by boat from Laem Hin Pier within 15 minutes, the island promotes eco-tourism.

Rang Yai Island
Located on the east of Phuket Island, is a small island for pearl farm and various activities such as canoeing, cycling, mini-golf etc. Perfect for one-day trip.

Taphao Yai Island
Situated on the southeast of, just 10 minutes from Ao Makham by boat. The island is alive with hornbill.

Naka Noi Island
The island is renowned to be an island of producing the best pearl, since then one-day trip for pearl farm touring is very popular among tourists. The beach is apt for swimming. No accommodation available and tour package suppose to contact in advance at Phuket town.

Racha Islands or Raya Islands
The islands comprise two islands, located on the south of Phuket Island.
  • Racha Yai Island   the beach resembles a horseshoe which is located on the west coast between the valleys. The location is called Namtatok Bay or Ao Namtatok in Thai. The island’s beach and sea possess a pristine white sand and crystal clear water just like those Similan Islands’. There’s nice view point on the hilltop. The island is one of the fabulous diving sites.

  • Racha Noi Island   located 10 kms away from Racha Yai Island. The island is form of coral accumulation, thus it’s not suitable for swimming but a good pier for cruise and nice for fishing. The island is accessible for 2 hour by long-tail boat and an hour by speed boat.