Coral Island Phuket Cruise



Hae Island

Hae Island
Located in the Southwest of Panwa Cape where is known as the plants conservation area under an authority of the Department of Fisheries. To reach Coral Island by take a rental longtail boat from Chalong Bay and Rawai Beach or you can reserves tour programs from tour companies. On the Coral Island consists of 2 beaches in the north and east. These 2 beaches are white sandy beaches with reefs along 100 metes and a vibrant coral as the name of “Coral Island”. Suitable for diving and relax at comfortable accommodations.

In front of the island is a beautiful beach with accommodation and restaurant. In the west decorated with coral reefs, branch coral, dish coral lies on the beach, fascinating fishes such as butterflyfish, longfin bannerfish, snapper. Behind the island is a perfect place for relax and swimming in the clear crystal water as same as the first one but it is more private and accommodation is not available. There is only restaurant and beverages.