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Khai Island

Khai Island
Khai Island is managed by Sub-district Administrative Organization of Phuket and they do not allow the tourist or investor to build any accommodation on this island. On this island has only toilets and counter for food & beverages.

Island’s area is about 2-3 football fields or might be smaller. Enjoy swimming only one side of the beach here. And the other side arranged by rocks amidst the turquoise ocean as same as the other famous beaches.

An island located is not far from Phuket Island or drive approximately 10 kilometers. An outstanding of Khai Island becomes a fascinating attraction for all tourists is a white sand beach which is different from Kata Karon.

Sands at Khai Island is rough with there is no a shady of a big tree but it is just only short trees as other beaches. Khai Island welcomes to all tourists.

On the right side of the island can dive to explore colorful marine life and coral reefs. A hiding paradise of the real nature in Andaman Sea is easy accessible. Koh Khai a new destination for all tourists.