Koh Racha Racha Island or Raya Island Phuket Cruise



Racha Island or Raya Island

Racha Island or Raya Island
Racha Island or Raya Island consists of 2 main islands which lie along South West – North East of Phuket Island.

  • Racha Yai Island the sandy beach in the West located between a valley in a shape of horseshoe or called “Ao Nam Tok” (waterfall bay). Crystal clear water as same as Similan Islands. A panoramic view provided on the top of the hill. Moreover, Siam Bay, Tue Bay and Khon Kae Bay are suitable for explore a charming of coral reefs.

    The beach in front of the island is Western beach that you can swim with safety. Foreign tourists like to sunbathe. At the most Western tip is a view point can overlook to the highest point of the island. From the Eastern beach can walk to the behind side of an island. You will see 2 beaches are Siam Bay and Khon Kae Bay where are dive sites for snorkeling. Discover the underworld water with branch coral, disc coral, Cauliflower Coral, butterflyfish, grouper, etc.

  • Racha Noi Island is located 10 kilometers away from Racha Yai Island. Originated from the rock heaped up. So this area is full of reefs more than a sandy beach in the West. A small bay can park a boat and non-suitable for swimming. But this is a perfect location for fishing activity.

    Racha Noi Island is a scuba dive site to see coral reefs, dish coral, soft coral, sponge & sea fan. People surveys around the island and found sea eel, small shark. Fishing activity is popular here.

Racha Island is still complete of nature because of the most tourists will not walk up to the island but they will park a boat near the island. Then they dive to touch beautiful coral and colorful marine lives included small & medium fishes. If anyone didn’t like diving, they can see fishes from the boat.

Dive into a world of coral at Racha Island… Because of the clear water, snorkeling can see the coral at the lower level blows by water current. Scuba diving is more fascinating because you can touch the coral reefs at your fingertips.

Do not touch the coral reef directly because the coral reef can be damaged and die. Coral reef will be extinct in the near future.

In each day, there are many Thai and foreigner tourists come to travel at Racha Island. Especially a monsoon just passes in the south sea. The weather is suitable for visiting. Tourists come to Phuket and plan for diving, don’t miss an activity at Racha Island.

Racha Island is easy accessible by get on the boat at Kathu pier. Boat is available daily. Or you will rent a yacht but it is expensive.