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Yao Islands

Yao Islands
The island occupies 173.6 sq.m. area. Most of the islanders are Muslim. The islands consist of Yao Yai Island, Yao Noi Island and other small islands around

Attractions on Yao Noi Island
Pa Sai Beachthe beach is about 7 kms far away from the district office. It has white sandy and shaded by trees groove, safe to swim and able to enjoy the scenery of Krabi Province’s islands.

Ta Khao Beachlocated 5 kms away from Yao Noi Island’s district office. The beach is like decorated by lots of striped stone. Further a bit in the sea, there are many small islands of wildwood and wild orchid that, able to reach by walking through the sea when the tide is low.

Yao Yai Island
Attractions on Yao Yai Island

Tee Kud Bay possesses white sand beach, there’s scenic cape on the north of the bay, and the shore is shaded by the pine tree groove.

Klong Son Bayits beach is clean and shady. There’re rock and colorful stones on the left shore. The bay is possible for swimming and diving.

Hin Gong Bay its beach is shady. Stingray is usually seen here, hence swimming is not appropriate. The bay is occupied by the Muslim who earns their living by fishery.

Laan Bay possesses there’s stunning beach which is able to swim. There’s a steep cliff on the north. Most convenient to reach by boat.

Sai Bayits beach is white sandy and able to swim.

Koh Loh Pa Rad its beach is shady of the coconut trees groove. It’s long white sandy beach and nice to swim. There’s a striking reef on the north.

Nok Aok Capethe beach is a bit rocky but those are beautiful and perfect for swimming. There are wide range of accommodations provided for tourists both on Yao Noi and Yao Yai Island. So far there’s home stay style served on Yao Noi Island, for further information please feel free to contact Khun Samroeng Rakhet at 0 7659 7244 or call 0 7659 7122 for Yao Noi Island Sub-district Administrative Organization or just look around on website www.kohyao-cbt.com หรือ http://www.kohyaohomestay.com